Private Event Space at Trofí

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All-Inclusive Private Event Space at Trofí

Hang out with friends while eating hanging skewers in your very own private room. 

Trofi has landed in the Ottawa food scene. The minds behind Trofi have indeed come up with everything to deliver a memorable experience. The menu at the Ottawa eatery offers a modern take on classic Greek cuisine with beautiful presentations, a tantalizingly delicious dessert menu, and a smartly curated wine and cocktail list amidst their beautifully decorated establishment. If the menu and stylish décor weren’t already enough to wow the foodies out there, Trofi also delivers a unique opportunity suitable for any event or celebration.

Private Event Space in Ottawa: Available Now

Private events, Christmas parties, and birthday festivities create memorable moments in our lives. Gathering over food is a tradition that has endured centuries as a way for people to come together for a myriad of occasions. While we go to restaurants for this very purpose, we sometimes want to gather without sharing aspects of public space with those we don’t know. Booking a private event at a restaurant is a popular solution. Still, it is a rare moment when we stumble upon a secluded area that feels like it is our own personal eatery. 

On the restaurant’s second floor, there is a special space that seats up to 42 people. Private bathrooms are also available to you and your guests. However, the shining star of the upstairs area is the private bar. Keep the attention on those around you by having everything you want nearby.  You no longer need to wander to the main bar or wait in line for the bathroom. At Trofi, we aim to keep your memorable moments special by providing the perfect environment to suit your celebratory needs. Book the space today, and we will take care of the rest so you can remain focused on what matters most.  

Book Trofi’s Private Event Space

If you require a hosting space for your birthday, Christmas, or private event, look no further than Trofi’s unique second-floor offering. If you need one last reminder, here’s what’s on offer:

  • Seating for up to 42 people
  • Private bar
  • Private bathrooms
  • Exceptional service

Reach out to us today! Reserve your space for your special event that will be forever memorable. Contact for booking today. We cannot wait to serve you!